Printing an image gives you much more insight into details than observing it on the computer screen alone. Photos can look way different when printed. I haven’t printed my images too often since I went digital, but when I did make prints, I was always surprised – either positively or negatively.

Sometimes, the printed photos give even better result than they were on the computer screen. Other times, they make you realize that some images aren’t as good as you thought. Either way, printing helps you understand your photos better, learn what you need to change, and improve your photography.

In the era of film photography, there was an entire process that came after taking the photos. You would need to dedicate some time to developing the photos in the dark room, and it was the second part of the photography process. Just like taking the pictures, developing them was an important part f the process of creation. In the digital era, this is partially replaced with Lightroom, but it doesn’t give you the same feeling.

If you print digital images, you can bring back that second half of the process of image creation. If you print at home, you can pick put the paper you want, the frame, print several version… And this way, you can get the whole excitement of dark room all over again.